As a Life Coach, it is my mission to help bring out the best in you and help you break through blocks and barriers to live the life you desire and deserve.

I am a Certified Professional Coach and started coaching my first clients in 2016. My training program is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and my training consisted of over 220 hours and a verbal competency test.

Some of the main reasons clients have been seeking Life Coaching:

  • Improving/Changing/Creating Positive Habits: Changing/creating positive habits is a key component when seeking to improve any aspect of your life. Poor habits can have lasting impacts on your life and make it seem as though nothing ever works out in your favor and add a lot of unnesessary stress. Realizing you need/want to change habits is the first step, figuring out and deciding what habits to form is the second step, the last and hardest step where most people fall short is consistently sticking to those habits long enough to successfully program and integrate them into your normal everyday life. This last step requires your full commitment, persistence, and your “buy in” or genuine belief in the benefits of the habit to drive you to follow through.
  • Reducing Stress: Limiting the amount of stress you live with is vital to your overall health and ability to live your life to its fullest. Stress can be really overwhelming, and bring you down to the point that you are not acting as your true self. There are different kinds of stress. A lot can be eliminated or reduced just by changing your thoughts and perspectives. Some require more than thoughts such as planning and action to change something such as cleaning a dirty room or deciding to buy a new car to replace one that is constantly breaking down.
  • Relationships: Having healthy relationships is another key factor in how you show up in life. Being in unhealthy and/or toxic relationships can be very draining and can change the energy you put out into the world which impact your quality of life. Having healthy relationships require both parties to be open and willing to engage in communications of thoughts and feelings. Everyone has needs, but everyone does not have the same exact needs in the same priority. A lot of times people have issues due to lack of communication, and not lack of compatibility. For example, if your biggest needs are personal space, physical touch, and quality time, that is most likely how you will show love to another which isn’t bad if they have the same exact needs as you. But if their needs are acts of service, material gifts, and quality time, they may not feel their needs are getting met and vice versa.
  • Career: Whether you have a career or are trying to figure out your career, it is a major part of your life and can heavily influence who you are and your quality of life. A lot of people are unhappy for many reasons such as pay, work environment, management, schedule, or lack of purpose. This can have a ripple effect and greatly impact your outlook on life as well as decisions you make due to being unhappy at work. People tend to have more control over their work satisfaction than they think. Changing perspective, creating goals, purpose and plans, fuel drive which can take you as far as you are willing to go. Discipline, purpose, persistence, and perseverence are key.

Through coaching, we explore many aspects of your current life and ideal life including, self-awareness, balance, values alignment, and perspectives to formulate a personalized plan for you to break through blocks and barriers that have been holding you back. Everyone is different, so a big part of this plan is accountability, which we discuss and utilize the best and most effective methods for you.

Our Partnership

This only works if we create a partnership together. In that partnership, I help you identify and harness your core energy, gain clarity and awareness. Doing this enables you to find solutions and make confident decisions that will align with your true self. I help you to gain perspective and to uncover the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Bringing these to the surface helps find what is holding you back and blocking you from moving forward. Recognizing these allows you to get back in the driver’s seat and lets you decide what direction you want to go.

As your partner, I am committed to keeping you on track by holding you accountable, and helping you grow as an individual. Most importantly getting you to a place where you genuinely enjoy a fulfilling life! Together we are going to explore the world of possibilities and help you achieve your goals!

What I offer is something that will change your life, and what you learn will be yours to keep forever!

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