About Me


Angeles Crest Highway, Matt Williams, Life Coach

A little bit about me. I am a Certified Professional Coach which included over 220 hours of study/training. In 2017 my wife and I decided to learn more about self healing and we both became a Medical Qigong Practice Leader. I am always willing to learn and grow. I really enjoy being able to help others experience life in a more holistic and fulfilling way.

I am a Son, Grandson, Brother, Husband, and most recently a Father. Southern California is where I was born and raised, specifically Los Angeles county where I have lived my whole life. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors hiking, camping, and biking, taking leisurely drives. I have my favorite sports teams that I like to watch. I enjoy spending time with my wife Alison (we met through online dating) who is truly my partner, best friend and lover. Some say we were lucky to have found each other, others say we were fortunate, and a handful say we were destined. I’ll take all of the above :). We now have a beautiful daughter who means to world to me. I also enjoy spending time with our dog Rex, my family and close friends.

Mountain Biking- Matt Williams, Life Coach

In my personal life I have always been looked up to by family members. I have found myself being the voice of reason and a role model for them. In that roles, I would be the one they would come to when they had difficult problems or to just to bounce ideas off of to gain a more clear picture. In doing so for my family all these years, I have felt that role trickle into other areas of my life such as the work place and social areas.

Whiskey Flat Days Celebration- Matt Williams, Life Coach

Most of my working life was involved in the food and beverage industry. I started my first job in the industry as a bus boy cleaning tables. Gradually I worked my way up in the company to food runner, server, trainer, shift leader, and manager. My favorite part of that industry was being in a position to grow and develop others. Not just helping them with getting promoted, but on getting them where they wanted to be in life. Watching some of them grow from the a very shy and timid person who barely said a word, to a confident, vocal leader that others relied upon. I wanted to be able to do more of that.

In a lot of ways I have felt like I have been a bit of a Life Coach without even knowing it. After doing a lot of research on different professional coaching programs, I found the one that I felt had the most in depth training. From this, I chose the iPEC coaching program and have completed my certification as a Certified Professional Coach. This process has changed my life forever!