Energy Blocks: Unblock Yourself!

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Do you feel stuck or like things keep getting in your way and holding you back?

Guess what?

You can change that! ☺

Energy Blocks can impact your life on many different levels if you allow them to.

You Create Your Reality

Believe it or not, you have more control than you think on how you experience life and there’s a little trick that makes all the difference!  That trick lies within YOU!!  By shifting your energy and focus to what YOU can control and spending less time on the things you can’t control you’ll start to see life in a new light.

What are things YOU can control?  Your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions!

Here are some basic examples to explain what i mean:

  • By focusing on what you “don’t have” or “don’t want” you continue living in that reality (e.g., I don’t have enough money; I’ll never find the right partner).
  • By switching the focus to what you “do have” or “do want” you create the space for that to grow and become reality (e.g., There’s plenty of money to go around; my soulmate is on their way).

Energy blocks are draining and keep you from moving forward in many different areas of your life.  Becoming aware of these energy blocks will help you to identify them when they show up help enable you to make a conscious decision to move forward.

If you want to help shift your energy and focus towards what you want, take a look at the Energy Blocks below and see how they relate to your life currently.

Energy Blocks

Limiting Beliefs:
Something that you accept about life, yourself, your world, or the people it that limits you in some way. Often related to what we’ve experienced and also what we were taught by family, friends, teachers and media growing up.

An opinion or judgment you create about an event, situation, person or experience and believe it to be true.  There’s a difference between what you believe to be true and what the truth actually is.

An expectation that because something has happened in the past, it will most likely happen again.

Your inner critic tells you, in some way, you’re not good enough.

Lets get past those Energy Blocks and let your energy flow!!! ☺

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This post contains information and my interpretations based on the copyrighted work of Bruce D Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in coaching (iPEC)

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